DAIN Network – Early-Stage Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Training, Skills Development and Mentorship, Utilizing The Diaspora



Our Focus:

DAIN Network focuses on early-stage agribusiness entrepreneurship training to farmers, youth, startups, SMEs and co-ops in the agribusiness verticals, by utilizing the African Diaspora to provide mentorship and technical assistance. 

We are focused on incubating ideas and innovations which can make African agriculture more efficient. For example, innovations or technologies that can help preserve and alleviate food losses, and value addition like, consumer products – preservation, processing and marketing of indigenous foods. These ideas should be scalable to build a thriving enterprise – to help employ hundreds of workers to help with Africa’s food crisis, but to also generate jobs and a financial return to potential investors.


What We Do


Entrepreneurship Bootcamp For Agribusiness Startups

Our bootcamps teach the average entrepreneur how to build a sustainable business using various critical-thinking exercises and business frameworks. There will be a lot of group activity focused on getting entrepreneurs to think outside the box. If you have a business that is unique, can scale quickly, we may work with those startups to get them additional resources.

Business Mentorship & Technical Expertise

Through our networks, we have thousands of individuals in the diaspora willing and able to advise and provide technical assistance to entrepreneurs looking to set-up agribusiness ventures in Africa.

Access To Capital (through our partners)

Our partners may be interested in funding your venture in Africa.

Vocational Training for African Youth in Agribusiness

Africa’s farmers are getting much older, youth need to be engaged in future agriculture production.