August 2014.



DAIN Network – Free Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Training


For Youth, SMEs, And Young Adults

In Accra, Ghana – August 19th, 20th, and 21st

at Kofi Annan AITI Center


Keynote Speaker, Hon. Fifi Kwetey, Minister for Food and Agriculture


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It’s Free!!!



In partnership with Ghana West Africa Agricultural

Productivity Programme (WAAPP) & Prep-eez


Venue location:

Ghana-India Kofi Annan Centre of Excellence in ICT is located at the 2nd Avenue Ridge,

Opposite the Council of State. GFA / GIJ Road


  • If you’re into farming

  • If you’re interested in building a value-added venture in agriculture

  • If you want to build the next agribusiness consumer brand

  • If you want to find capital for your agriculture venture

  • If you want to help alleviate Post-Harvest Lossess (PHL’s)

This workshop is for you!

You will also obtain great critical-thinking skills and mentorship, too!

This is a free workshop!!!


Venue is – Kofi Annan AITI center


DAIN Network offers free entrepreneurship bootcamp training to entrepreneurs, farmers, startups, and SMEs who are in the agribusiness verticals. This training will be offered by Nii Simmonds, the co-founder of DAIN. Our bootcamps teach the average entrepreneur how to build a sustainable agribusiness venture using various critical-thinking exercises and business frameworks. There will be a lot of group activity focused on getting entrepreneurs to think outside the box.

If you’re a first-time entrepreneur with an idea you want to scale into a business, you probably need mentorship and advise, and some startup capital — banks, angels, friends or family members — to give you funding. DAIN Agribusiness entrepreneurship bootcamp can help. The sole purpose of this bootcamp is to teach you how to think critically – more specifcially, thinking outside the box to address a market opportunity. Furthermore, we will give you the opportunity to interact with mentors, who will give you some input on scaling a business, and pitching it to potential partners and investors. It’s also a chance to address any issues or resource gaps in your idea – and develop answers to the tough questions investors or partners would ask before handing you capital.



DAIN’s bootcamps are designed for the average person on the street who needs help, to scale an idea or business in the agribusiness verticals, in Africa. Most participants in our past bootcamps are looking at building and scaling value-addtion enterprises, enterprises that can be household names in someone’s fridge or cupboard – but to also help alleviate the food security situation.


What to expect during the Bootcamp:

DAIN designs it’s bootcamp trainings to make the learning material fun and interesting to it’s participants, with a lot of group activity, critical-thinking skills, videos, and elevator pitch sessions. The hope after the event, is to give you, the participant, skills and training – to help you make better decisions, with the hope of obtaining capital. On the last day of the event, there will be an elevator-pitch competition. The judges will be a mix of local investors and other professionals. Prizes will be given to the best elevator pitch and overall business models. The winners of the pitch will be matched with local mentors and potentially, mentors from the Diaspora.




Nii Simmonds is a recognized speaker and consultant on African entrepreneurship/SME development and innovation in Africa. Proven leader and manager, with over 10+ years of experience in private and public sectors. Grown a vast network in Africa, Europe, and North America that has led to growing public-private-partnerships, managing collaborations, and influencing policy. Extensive experience in entrepreneurship, business strategy, capital markets, and business development.

Nii is focused on helping early-stage agribusiness entrepreneurs focus on scaling innovations and startups, which can make African agriculture more efficient. For example, innovations or technologies that can help preserve and alleviate food losses. These ideas should be scalable to build a thriving enterprise – to help employ workers to help with Africa’s food crisis, but to also generate jobs and a financial return to potential investors. Nii also teaches entrepreneurship and critical-thinking skills to farmers, co-ops, youth, and entrepreneurs in various African countries.



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Worlali Senyo is an information and knowledge innovation management professional with experience in the use of the information and communication technologies (ICTs) for communicating and managing development research/projects to policy makers and practitioners alike. He has background training and experience in rural development, agriculture and policy interventions with over 4 years of experience in the field of agriculture, food security, livelihood and information communication technologies, including 2 years of teaching and training, capacity building, monitoring and evaluation. Currently, he is supporting the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) in Wageningen, Netherlands as intern on social media.



Some Agribusiness Ideas To Think About:

  • Ideas that have great mass-market potential
  • Ideas to stop spoilage of foods
  • Tropically tolerant packaging
  • Cold Storage/Dry Storage
  • Consumer Brands (Value Addition)
  • Financial Innovations for farmers (Credit, warehouse receipts)