What We Do. Growing Ecosystems

Our job is to grow and nurture agribusiness ventures and startups in an ecosystem, these ventures should be scalable and be sustainable and create jobs.



Our Focus


Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Training

We offer Free agribusiness bootcamp training to entrepreneurs, farmers, startups, and SMEs who are in the agribusiness verticals. Our bootcamps teach the average person how to build a sustainable agribusiness venture using various critical-thinking exercises and business frameworks. There will be a lot of group activity focused on getting entrepreneurs to think outside-the-box.


Supplier Development Training

We have trainings and workshops throughout the year to help SMEs understand the complexities to becoming a supplier to a multinational. Multinationals have complex and rigorous quality standards to be a part of their supply chain; through our partnerships we can assist SMEs and startups on identifying opportunities to become a quality supplier.


Mentorship & Technical Assistance

Through our diaspora professional and corporate networks, we have professionals who have domain and sector experience to help SMEs and startups scale their ventures. 


Youth Engagement – Critical-thinking Workshops and Bootcamps

We have programs focused on attracting and keeping youth engaged in agribusiness, so they can build wealth and create jobs in their local communities. We have trained and impacted many youth in the agribusiness sectors, many of these youth have found opportunities to get internships with local and global consumer food companies.